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Austin FC Concept Jersey

Right behind the silly season of player transfers, the most anticipated news for Austin FC fans is the official kit reveal for Major League Soccer’s newest club.

The first of two kit designs, most likely the home kit, is reported to be released toward the latter end of 2020 around the holiday season with the second design expected to be released in early 2021, just ahead of the club’s inaugural season debut.

While there is still a ways to go until the holiday season, Austin FC fans have given us something to smile about with their very own fan-made concept kits while we wait for that highly-anticipated holiday season — something I think we all need right now during a year that feels like it will never end.

In a follow up to our last concept jersey showcase, I’ve scoured through social media to bring together my five favorite fanmade Austin FC kits.

Austin FC Kit #5 — @Ryan_Riggins

Ryan Riggins is starting us off with a beautifully simple, yet sleek Austin FC kit. Based on New York Red Bulls’ current away kit, this is perhaps the most realistic design that we might end up with for the 2021 season especially since Adidas has historically shown a reluctancy to switch up designs too much within the MLS.

The bright Verde looks so sharp in combination with the entirely black design, and, maybe I’m just a sucker for the Verde, but this top could do what most jerseys can’t and actually look good outside of the stadium in a casual setting or out on the bars.

Austin FC Kit #4 — Drake Froomer

Big shoutout to @PESMasterSite for bringing us Drake Froomer’s amazing home (left) and away (right) full kit design!

What I absolutely love about these kits is that the Verde isn’t one-dimensional and just plain green. Froomer adds depth to the color — the background to the home kit looks like the texture of the bark on the Austin FC intertwined oak trees and the green on the away kit looks like it is detailed with leaves as the background.

Overall, this concept is so creative and the extra mile taken with the detail really pays dividends as the jerseys look so crisp and clean.

Austin FC Kit #3 — @ToferFlowers

Well Brittany, we’re certainly glad you convinced Tofer because we absolutely love this design!

The oak tree trunk and roots wrapping around the arm and torso of the jersey is a unique touch to the kit that gives off a classy and elegant look, and I love how the design doesn’t just stop at the top as it looks great on the socks. The black and white kits are my personal favorites just because the colors pop so cleanly in contrast with each other on those, especially with the color on the sleeves, collar, and Yeti and Adidas logos.

It’s a wonderful breath of fresh air from Adidas’ favorite three stripes off-the-shoulder design.

Austin FC Kit #2 — u/YeetGod11011

Concept Jersey I made, what do y’all think? from AustinFC

YeetGod11011 has absolutely smashed this one. Not too complicated, but not too plain either, YeetGod has found the perfect middle ground in his designs here to release a beautifully crisp, clean-cut set of jerseys.

Similar to Drake Froomer’s designs, there’s depth to the primary colors in the green and black jerseys — horizontal stripes with a faint gradient across the chest on the green jersey and very small green dots all across the black jersey. I also love how the intertwined oak was incorporated into the white jersey to give a very personalized touch in a way that doesn’t look too forced. Although admittedly, the placement of the oak could be questionable for some (if you know, you know).

Austin FC Kit #1 — @schmidtty

Not to be dramatic, but Chris Schmidt has put together an Austin FC kit masterpiece.

From the kit design to the background he’s showcasing his work on, Schmidt has put together a stunning Verde display of creativity and showmanship. The overall piece looks like something Austin FC would’ve created and posted themselves on their social media.

Overall, he’s incorporated my favorite elements that we’ve seen throughout this whole showcase: depth of color and design in each jersey, a unique pattern per jersey, color contrasts and accents that really make certain elements pop, and he’s even gone the extra mile to customize the text on the back of the collar!

Bravo, everyone. Bravo! Thank you all who have designed concept jerseys for the upcoming season, and please don’t stop designing! We love seeing what y’all create and we’ll continue to put showcases like these together, so please don’t be afraid to tag us on social media @TalkAustinFC with your designs!

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