BREW TOUR: Our favorite breweries around McKalla


As you may have gathered by now, we here at Talk Austin FC enjoy the odd beer from time to time… Okay, who are we kidding, we hold all our meetings in taprooms. We love beer, especially local craft beer. This has led us do go on multiple scouting missions to find the best pre-match watering holes surrounding Austin FC’s future home. Take it from me: my fellow beer lovers, we hit the jackpot of stadium locations, breweries everywhere! So without further adieu, our three favorite breweries around McKalla. (In no particular order)

Celis Brewery

Founded by Pierre Celis, a Belgian brewer who came to Texas in 1992 to start his own Brewery, Celis takes pride in their history. There are two extremely attractive aspects of Celis Brewery in the eyes of an Austin FC supporter: the taproom and the diverse selection of beers.

To start, the taproom is a large open room with a two story ceiling and catwalk around the upper floor (perfect for green and black flags and banners). A circular bar and a wall with three large flat screen TV’s make for a perfect atmosphere for drinking good beer and watching the beautiful game. This is not even mentioning the under-construction beer garden out back which looks like it would be a great place for a large group of rowdy supporters to drink and warm up their vocal chords.

The beer selection is varied to say the least… ranging from their core brews like their Celis White and Juicy IPA to seasonal beers like the Dubbel Coffee Porter, the only constant is the tastiness of the cerveza in your hand. I can say that I’ve personally been to Celis multiple times and I’m yet to meet one of their beers I didn’t enjoy.

4th Tap Brewing Co-op

Oh boy I like me some 4th Tap beer… More of a chill, laid back atmosphere, the taproom is an excellent place to enjoy some high quality beer. I generally like to vary my beer orders when I frequent a bar or brewery but I have been completely stuck on their Bat Country coffee stout. I can’t help it, it’s just that good! But my partner Avery swears by the +2 Vitality Blonde ale, so there is surely quality abound in their taps, but we have yet to pry ourselves away from our favorites to try the rest of the menu (trust me, that’s one of the biggest compliments I can give a beer).

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… YOU CAN SEE THE STADIUM LOCATION FROM THE FRONT DOOR. Oh yes, location, location, location! About a quarter-mile straight shot from the lot that will be our new home in 2021. No one wants to admit that they’re lazy, but I mean, sometimes a belly full of beer isn’t the best companion to have on long walks, right?

Circle Brewing Co.

Ironically the farthest on this list from the traditional “soccer bar” (no TVs or soccer paraphernalia) Circle Brewing Co. is the closest of the three to the stadium. However, its almost-adjacent positioning is not the only reason Circle makes our list. They make some very, very solid beer.  With ten beers on tap, we guarantee you will find at least three (this is a very bare minimum for those of us with the narrowest of palates) beers that you will pick up and just not want to put down.

Despite being less soccer-y (new word, you’re welcome) than the other two taprooms on this list, the bar area at Circle Brewing Co. is an extremely pleasant place to be, (especially with an ice cold beer in your hand).

Take our advice, check this place out. You will not regret it.

BONUS: Fairweather Cider Co.

This one is for our friends that for whatever reason don’t enjoy the international beverage of football! While we may not understand your preference, we do respect it and fear not, we have not forgotten you! Fairweather Cider is conveniently located to the stadium (right next to 4th tap in fact) and brews some stellar cider. I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting their taproom, but I have enjoyed a can of their Fairweather Common and in terms of refreshment it can’t be beat. Definitely worth checking out and perfect for those hot summer matches early in the season!

So there you have it boys and girls, TAFC’s favorite places to grab a cold one around the stadium! Did we miss your favorite spot? Where else should we try?

Always up for a cold drink and a good laugh. Stay frosty, y’all.


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