Breaking Down Christian Pulisic to Chelsea


If you’re a US Soccer fan you’re probably wondering right now, “what do I make of Pulisic going to Chelsea?” While there are many ways to feel, you have to think that this move is very risky for Pulisic. There are good things about the move but if you look at the track record of Chelsea, you have to wonder how long Pulisic will be in London.

The first thing that really worries me is that Pulisic isn’t a finished product and has a lot of growing to do. If you look back at the history of Chelsea signing unfinished products, the players usually don’t end up thriving at Chelsea. A few examples of that are Mohamed Salah, Romelu Lukaku, and Kevin De Bruyne. All three players have gone on to thrive at other clubs, but while at Chelsea they were considered to be flops. It took those players a chance of scenery and some consistent playing time before they were able to come back to big clubs and thrive.

With the World Cup coming in 2022, US Soccer can’t afford to miss out on another World Cup. A new manager who can’t be any worse than Bruce Arena is a step in the right direction. With that being said, if our boy wonder is struggling that could be a real problem. The most important thing for Pulisic is game time, and that’s the one thing that might be a positive for our Captian America. Liverpool and Tottenham were linked as well, both of those teams don’t really have an opening in that position. With Hazard likely to move on this summer, Willian and Pedro are older so Pulisic will have his chances. At Liverpool, it’s very unlikely that Pulisic would have cracked the lineup over the likes of Salah and Mane. At Tottenham, Pulsic would have had to compete with Son, Eriksen, and Dele Alli for a spot in the attacking lineup. Chelsea provides Pulisic his best chance at playing right away.

If you’re skeptical, we understand. We are pretty skeptical too. The track record is bad but the opportunity this time seems different. If you’re a fan of a different English Premier League team, this is a tough pill to swallow but you don’t, and shouldn’t root for Chelsea. If you’re an American Chelsea fan, then this is great news for you! Expect to see a lot of Chelsea jerseys in America very soon, and be happy that an American soccer player has made it to the top of world soccer.


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