The Five Best Austin FC Jerseys


While Austin FC won’t be playing any games until 2021, that hasn’t stopped fans from creating jerseys for the team. While we know the team will be sponsored by Adidas, as every MLS team is, we have no clue what else the jersey will look like. Below I will cover my five favorite Austin FC concept jerseys and tell you why I like them!

Jersey 5

Coming in at number four is a jersey done by our best friend and Luka Doncic lover, Derek Ensign. The white and green stripes is a nice look and really goes well with the logo. Not only that, but I love Whole Foods and they’re the jersey sponsor. Not our favorite, (sorry Derek) but still a great jersey that I’m sure a lot of us would buy if that’s what came out in 2021.

Jersey 4

Coming in at number four is the Yeti Black and Whole Foods white jerseys. Two companies that are a staple of Austin, this is a nice and simple look. Bonus points for having two jerseys as well. Nothing would look cooler than drinking out of your Yeti while wearing the black jersey. This concept was done before the logo was announced so that would be why there’s no green. Great look no matter what, and something I would definitely wear to a party or brewery and be the coolest guy in the room.

Jersey 3

Another one from Brock Williams and this one is special. The tie-dye is subtle but pops, and it works great with the logo. The sponsor is Thinkery, which is awesome too. I think all of us in Austin want to make sure there’s a tie-dye jersey from Austin FC. If the MLS wants any ideas, they would be doing themselves a favor to use this jersey. It screams I like soccer, but I also have some style. Which is what all jersey wearers want to do.

Jersey 2

While this player might never play for Austin FC, this jersey is awesome! The green is lighter, the pattern is unique and the Jeep logo looks perfect on here. It looks like a better version of a Juventus away jersey. This jersey would be perfect for all Jeep drivers, taking the Jeep wave to the next level. Take away the Higuain and I’d wear this jersey right now.

Jersey 1

Coming in at number one for obvious reasons is the very recent design by Nate Saathoff. Both of these jerseys look clean, sleek, and bring out the best of all the El Tree colors. While there’s nothing crazy about them, the jersey is something that everyone would love to wear. With the Whole Foods sponsorship, you could be the coolest guy or girl in the kombucha aisle.


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