The Top Five Austin FC Kits

Right behind the silly season of player transfers, the most anticipated news for Austin FC fans is the official kit reveal for Major League...

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January Camp Winners and Losers

Our first game came against Panama, the team who made the 2018 World Cup over us. In case you forgot, Panama gave up 11 goals in the World Cup and lost all three games. This Panama squad was obviously very weak compared to their actual squad, but so was the USMNT. The highlights from the Panama game are below.
This image displays Austin FC's new signing Rodney Redes.

Rodney Redes: Breaking down Austin FC’s first signing

It was the news we’d all been waiting for. On July 6th, 2020, Austin FC completed the signing of their first-ever first-team player —...
The outside of the Austin FC Stadium

Austin FC Stadium Update

What's New Recently Austin FC released a statement on March 25th announcing that they have chosen a Construction Manager for the stadium project at McKalla...

Austin’s MLS Progress Report

It seems like it's been years since the rumblings began for Austin to get an MLS team, but until relatively recently there hasn't been...

How we can learn from the last MLS relocation

In the 23 year history of Major League Soccer, only one time has a team relocated cities. That was back in 2006 when the...