Your Austin FC Head Coach, Josh Wolff!

Update July 23rd The news we've all been waiting for, Josh Wolff has been announced as the first Head Coach of Austin FC. In a...

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MLS Transfer Roundup

Every year towards the end of January, things get crazy for most clubs around the world. In Europe, January is the only change teams get to improve their squad before beginning the second leg of a grueling season. What makes this year different is the number of players moving from the MLS to Europe in high profile deals. 

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January Camp Winners and Losers

Our first game came against Panama, the team who made the 2018 World Cup over us. In case you forgot, Panama gave up 11 goals in the World Cup and lost all three games. This Panama squad was obviously very weak compared to their actual squad, but so was the USMNT. The highlights from the Panama game are below.

Top 5 First Signings We’d Love to See From AFC

5. Serge Atakayi (Rangers) The Congolese born Finnish national Serge Atakayi is very much an unknown, unproven young player in the Rangers FC youth system....

How we can learn from the last MLS relocation

In the 23 year history of Major League Soccer, only one time has a team relocated cities. That was back in 2006 when the...

The Five Best Austin FC Jerseys

While Austin FC won’t be playing any games until 2021, that hasn’t stopped fans from creating jerseys for the team. While we know the team will be sponsored by Adidas, as every MLS team is, we have no clue what else the jersey will look like. Below I will cover my five favorite concept jerseys and tell you why I like them!

Why the MLS Needs to Bring Back Old School Shootouts

The craziest thing about this video is when there's a penalty kick inside a penalty kick. My mind was blown, that's some next level soccer inception. If the Twitter video wasn't enough, here's a video of more MLS shootouts featuring some familiar faces such as Eric Wynalda, Tony Meola and Tab Ramos.